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Forget kettlebells or planks — this dumbbell workout sculpts muscles with 5 rounds and 20 minutes


A full-body dumbbell workout that only takes 20 minutes and five rounds to torch muscles and build endurance? Count us in. 

We love creating and seeking out quick and effective workouts that we would use ourselves, and this one is sure to burn. Tamara Anthony and bring the fire with a 20-move full-body blaster, working your upper and lower body and core muscles hard for 20 minutes using two dumbbells. 

You can lift heavy weights, but you don’t need to. Anthony recommends a lighter dumbbell for upper body exercises and a heavier option for the lower body, but it also depends on your current fitness level. If you don’t have a selection of dumbbells to choose from, our best adjustable dumbbells guide could save you from messing around with time-consuming weight changes during exercise.

Man holding a dumbbell in right hand with elbow flexed during arm workout outdoors

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Throughout the short session, you’ll target every major muscle group, including your back, chest, shoulders, arms, core, glutes and leg muscles — so everything then. If you don’t have weights on hand, a resistance band could work for some moves along with two filled water bottles, but a calisthenics workout could be a better fit and only requires your body weight (and a great playlist, of course). 

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