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Generative AI virtual agent from Serviceaide


Serviceaid, Inc. announced its AI-Everywhere Luma Virtual Agent and AI-based solutions. By integrating generative AI, Luma 3.0 offers a quantum leap in efficiency, productivity, cost reduction and business process innovation. Luma offers the benefits of generative AI without buying anything extra, it’s built into our technology core to enhance all service management features.

Adding to Serviceaide’s 6+ year history of AI-powered service management solutions, Luma 3.0 provides dynamic information acquisition to better understand users and workforce needs and instantly generate information or deliver services to improve productivity, reduce wait times and lower support costs. Luma’s introduction of Generative AI makes it possible to create new unique information from massive datasets that contain much of the knowledge accessible on the internet that was previously impossible for individual companies to use effectively in a business environment. By providing a vastly diverse set of knowledge, Luma 3.0 enables a single unified experience across IT and business support, creating a single face of the service organization.

Serviceaide Unveils Luma 3.0, Bringing Generative AI to IT and Business Service Management

With Luma 3.0, users and staff are treated to an extraordinarily rich interaction that can clarify their needs and ensure they get relevant information without searching, or immediately perform the service they need to resume productive work. Users get a significantly higher level of instant service, eliminating queues that slow down responses and destroy productivity and user satisfaction. It is a win-win situation for both users and support organizations, who will experience less load, lower costs and an improved quality of services provided.

This leap in technology is rewriting the service management playbook. Luma’s dynamic information gathering overcomes the limitations of current implementations, which are limited to handling only specific requests and issues. New capabilities include:

  • Generate accurate answers to questions never before seen by an organization, reducing the high cost of manual information collection and answers by subject matter experts
  • Generating email responses that verify the sender, clarify and provide the best course of action, enabling more tickets than ever before in notoriously ambiguous and costly emails
  • Generative troubleshooting of never-before-seen issues, bypassing tickets, or ensuring enough context is captured to optimize the resolution workflow
  • Generate concise, accurate summaries of requests for users, agents, and managers so that the situation and next action are understood at a glance, saving minutes of wading through pages of notes
  • Virtually unlimited access to knowledge and dramatically improved discoverability, eliminating much of the training and ongoing maintenance of chatbots, virtual agents and self-service portals to understand and deliver massive information

Luma 3.0 is designed to deliver a seamless experience, combining and securing a customer’s closed and proprietary information with the massive boost of Large Language Models. Realizing that using generative AI is not a replacement for experienced senior agents, nor a forklift replacement of best practices, Luma 3.0 behaves “Agentively” when possible, but also “Assistively” when an experienced agent is required. Self-service has always been limited by a system’s ability to understand a user’s needs and use relevant information, putting self-service in its way. This lack of broader intelligence disrupts downstream activities and limits the towards hyper-automation and Shift Left strategy. With Luma 3.0, information gains can drive a multifold increase in self-service rates and a commensurate reduction in resolution time and ticket bypass.

Luma 3.0 simplifies operations and development with self-generating information, reducing and in some cases eliminating the overhead of releasing new functionality and information into circulation. Based on large language models, Luma 3.0 dynamically builds responses, information, and tickets, guides users based on context, and overcomes hard-coded rules and categories that are brittle, maintenance-intensive, and always restrictive.

Luma Virtual Agent makes everything possible service management platforms from Serviceaide, including ChangeGear for ITSM, Point of Business (POB) for business and departmental service solutions, and Intelligent Service Management (ISM) for partners. Luma integrations exist for leading applications, communication channels and other service management platforms.

“Luma 3.0 with Generative AI provides a quantum leap in streamlining and automating service management and self-service. Expanding the presence and capabilities of a virtual agent across all aspects of service management, industry and organizational AI transformations will improve human productivity” said William Guinn, Chief Technology Officer of Serviceaide.

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