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LawBase ChatGPT integration brings enhanced reporting capabilities


LawBase, the leading case and case management software system for the legal industry, announced it has added Generative AI capabilities within the company’s flagship and award-winning platform.

LawBase is known for its incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality, and this integration with ChatGPT adds to this unique capability. Now users can hire generative AI to write queries that will help them create reports to easily access the data within the platform without sacrificing the security used to protect their data.

LawBase Announces Generative AI Capabilities in Its Leading Case and Matter Management Platform

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this additional layer of AI in our product. Our team developed this to help our users access their data even more easily without compromising the security of that data. We have always had strict had security practices in place in LawBase, both functionally and for the data, but now when users are looking for information, if they’ve been given permissions, they can write the question for exactly what they need and access that information from the system, saving valuable time and getting to the important information quickly. Using the new voice typing feature built into Windows, a user can simply talk to LawBase to find the information they need,” said Phil Homburger, president of LawBase.

While AI for document assembly, reporting, and an automated workflow has always been built into LawBase, this latest integration allows users to access information even faster without having to know exactly how to search for it.

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