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Shreveport firefighters updating technology to streamline duties | News


SHREVEPORT, LA – The Shreveport Fire Department has implemented updated technical equipment to aid in the collection of reports and data. The new 10th generation iPads, powered by AT&T FirstNet, will allow the Social Fund for Development to perform services more efficiently while keeping pace with progressive emergency agency trends.

These new devices will allow for a more streamlined process for completing fire and emergency medical incidents and updating/collecting other data such as draft plans, staffing, training, event scheduling, and other miscellaneous services performed by SFD staff.

SFD Ipads in use

“Our employees must have the best technology and software available to help them perform their duties and serve our community,” said George Almond, President of EMS. “The Shreveport Fire Department has made a significant investment in trying to upgrade our technology and procure new equipment for our employees to help streamline their responsibilities.”

They have been working on the improvement since late last year and it came to fruition earlier this year. Prior to this upgrade, the fire department had to write reports by hand and collect data on paper, only to return to stations and enter the same information into the electronic reporting system. The upgrade reduces repetitive activities and reduces liability with mandatory reporting times at the state and federal levels.

“The ability to adapt to the generation of new employees and streamline services, allows the community to experience changes within our department. I’m not familiar with all the new technologies, but having a young workforce willing to share knowledge helps me in my duties as a fire chief,” said Fire Captain Derek Cooper.

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