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Stevens Middle School competes at state technology conference


SEATTLE — The Stevens Middle School Technology Student Union competed in the annual TSA Washington State Conference at the Doubletree SeaTac in March.

College advisors Brenda Manson and Gunnar Thomasin took 22 students to a four-day competition in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM.)

The team results were:

• Design of control systems. first place; Peter Chase, Bret Manson, and Jacob Oberly.

• Biotechnology. first place; Miriam Cobb, Madeleine Walton, Izzy Torgerson, and Tej Carlson.

• Challange Construction. first place; Parker Horn, Audrey Rudd, and Addison Fox.

• Out of network coverage; first place; Kayla Grant, Olivia Messin, and Brooklyn McKnight.

• Out of network coverage; third place; Lillian Mahaney, Avery Camisa, Charlotte Curran, Stella Fradkin, Sarah Butterworth.

• medical technology; second place; Aurelio Wilson and Thomas Jones.

• Electrical applications. second place; Izzy Torgerson and Peter Chase.

• Data science and analytics. third place; Chloe Bruning, Tig Carlson, Aurelio Wilson, and Thomas Jones.

• Microcontroller design. fourth place; McHenry Miller, Bret Manson, and Jacob Oberly.

The Tech Students League has chapters in more than 150 middle schools across the state serving more than 1,200 students.

Teams that place third or higher are eligible to attend the National Tournament this summer in Louisville, Kentucky.

In the back row, left to right, are Gunnar Thomason, Flavio Aurelio Wilson Ruggiero, Thomas Jones, Jacob Oberly, Kayla Grant, Lillian Mahaney, Brooklyn McKnight, Parker Horn, and Brenda Manson.

Middle row, left to right, Peter Chase, Avery Cameza, Madeline Walton, Stella Fradkin, Tej Carlson, Bret Manson, Sarah Butterworth, Chloe Brunning and Charlotte Curran.

And in the front row, from left to right, are Audrey Rudd, Addison Fox, Miriam Cobb, Olivia Messin, Izzy Torgerson and McEnery Miller.

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