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Tajima software integrates Coloreel control


Tajima software integrates Coloreel control
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The industry-leading DG16 embroidery design software from Tajima Software Solutions now supports the Coloreel coloring system. Coloreel is an innovative Swedish textile brand with pioneering embroidery technology that makes it possible to color high-quality textile threads on demand.

Users no longer need to use a different application to select the colors of their embroidered patterns for the Coloreel unit thanks to the integration, which now makes it easy to set any Coloreel color and effect in the design creation workflow.

Faster design creation and simpler design modification are now possible with a single software. Moreover, there is less chance of combining stitching and coloring files. Combining Coloreel threads with traditional pre-colored embroidery threads to make multi-thread embroidery is now easier thanks to the consolidation of all stitch and color data into a single file.

With Coloreel technology, textile thread can be dyed instantly and with high quality while being used in embroidery.

With much better stitching quality than before, modern high-speed drive technology enables a single needle to perform tasks that previously required many complications.

This technology provides complete freedom to produce distinctive designs and embroideries without any restrictions by instant coloring the white recycled thread during manufacture. It is possible to quickly switch from one solid color to another along the thread or to change colors gradually for any desired coloring effect.

“The Coloreel option provides a more efficient and customer-friendly way to create high-quality embroidered designs,” said Matthias Nordane, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Business Development at Coloreel.

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