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The Baby in Yellow Black Cat update is out now


Scottish indie developer Team Terrible today announced The Black Cat, the major content update to their hugely popular game The Baby in Yellow, now available for iOS, Android and debuts on Steam through early access!

“The Black Cat update represents an incredible wealth of new playable content, including three new chapters, a plethora of puzzles and hidden lore. This highly anticipated update not only effectively doubles the length of the game, but provides players with an expanded and immersive experience as never before , but also marks the exciting debut of The Baby in Yellow on Steam. Bringing our game to Steam opens up new horizons, allowing a wider audience to discover and enjoy the exciting world we’ve created,” said Greg Lee, CEO of Team Terrible.

The Baby in Yellow’s first major update “The Black Cat” is out now!

Embark on an unprecedented journey into the depths of the unknown with The Black Cat update. Follow the enigmatic black cat who has transported you to a realm beyond your wildest nightmares. Traverse a bizarre and terrifying world aided by your new robot companion, Newt. Together you must navigate twisted landscapes, solve intricate puzzles and discover The Baby’s dark origins. Be careful though, because The Baby pursues you relentlessly and will stop at nothing to fulfill its desires. Will you survive this treacherous odyssey alongside the Black Cat, or will you succumb to the horrors that lie in wait?

The Baby in Yellow is available for iOS and Android

The Baby in Yellow is available for iOS and Android

The Baby in Yellow has already captured the hearts of countless players and its release on Steam Early Access will expand its reach even further. With the upcoming release of The Black Cat update for iOS, Android and WindowsTeam Terrible wants to captivate gamers with a terrifying captivating experience that pushes the boundaries of the imagination and challenges the limits of survival.

The Baby in Yellow The Black Cat launch trailer

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