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This is the one phone accessory I can’t live without — and it’s only $10


When it comes to technology, I’m usually pretty brand agnostic. That’s especially true of smartphones, where I will happily jump from one phone maker to another if there’s something on offer that I particularly want or need. But no matter which phone I’m using there’s always one accessory that I can’t live without: a PopSocket.

Ok, sure, I always buy a case and screen protector too. But keeping a $900 phone safe from damage is just common sense. A PopSocket isn’t exactly something most people would call an essential purchase, but it has proven to be a helpful and versatile tool — and I wouldn’t choose to live without one.

PopSockets are simple, cheap and super convenient

popsocket on pixel 6 pro

(Image credit: Future)

For those that don’t know, a PopSocket is a round grip that sticks to the back of your phone. The idea is that it stays flat and compact when not in use, only “popping” out when you’re actively using your phone. Slip it between your fingers and it means you don’t necessarily need to hold onto your phone with such an iron grip.

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